Circuit Scribe Classroom

Hands-on, Visual Learning at Home!

Bring the classroom to your living room with Circuit Scribe Classroom. Hands-on learning about circuits and electricity all from the comfort of your home. Draw free-form circuits on ordinary paper to power a limitless combination of modules that activate lights, sounds, motors, and more. Weekly Classes available now, with small personalized classes for all ages.

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  • Your kit can be used over and over again -- starting fresh is as easy as grabbing a new sheet of paper.

  • Circuit Scribe Classroom makes learning STEM at home fun and interactive. Sign up for classes and let the fun begin!

  • After online classes meet all classes will be uploaded into the platform for you to review at your own pace.

Learn at Home

  • Live and interactive lessons for all ages!

  • Small classroom sizes, for personalized attention in each class for students

  • Develop advanced knowledge on Circuitry and Drones


  • What Circuit Scribe kit will I need to participate in the class?

    There will be classes available for the many of our most popular kits including the Basic Kit, Super Kit, Super Plus Kit or Ultra Kit, and The Drone Kit. We will also have classes specifically for our Distance Learning Kit. Prior to scheduling your class each class available will have listed which kit and/or modules you will need to participate.

  • How many participants will be in each class?

    Each live class will have 5 participants, this allows our instructors to give personalized attention to each student. Sign up quick before spots fill up!

  • Can I sign up for a class without a subscription?

    We do not offer individual classes at this time.